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Denver Area Rug Cleaning – Reviews

Best Rug and Carpet Cleaning repair company in Denver!!!!
Teddy Rothensal

Friendly owner and wonderful customer service. My rug looks fabulous!! It was very stained with pet urine, wine, dirt, you name it. If you need a rug cleaning service I definitely recommend Denver Area Rug Cleaning to anyone. They even picked up my rug from my house and delivered it. Thank you again!
Jane Buckman

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Steve Moran and Denver Area Rug for all your rug cleaning and repair needs in 3 words: Competent, Professional, Inspirational.
Michael Sturgous

I have an oriental rug that was handed down to me from my grandmother. I was very nervous to have it cleaned as it is priceless to me. I put a lot of trust into Denver Area Rug Cleaning. When they returned my rug I was astonished. It looked like new, the colors were vibrant, and it smelled wonderful. I will recommend this company to everyone.
Sally Miller

We recently got a new puppy and we have a light cream color large area rug in the living room. Not surprising, the puppy totally stained the rug. I heard about Denver Area Rug Cleaning from a friend of mine so I thought Id give them a shot. Thanks to them, all of the stains came out of the rug, it literally looks like new. I will definitely be coming back.
Mike Melima