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Why You Should ”Never” Let A Carpet Cleaner Clean Your Rugs In Your Home.

Carpet and area rugs are not constructed the same. Carpet is made with a primary plastic and a secondary backing held together by glue. Foundations of area rugs are tightly woven fibers that trap and hold dirt.

Proper dusting can only be done at a professional shop. If cleaned in a home, a vacuuming will leave the dirt trapped in the backing and once mixed with their cleaning chemicals and water you end up with a harder plaster like substance hidden deep in the rug. As you walk on the rug this will grind away at the fibers and cause the foundation fibers to become brittle and crack.

Dusting and submersion washing is the best way to properly care for your area rugs. A carpet cleaner will just be cleaning the tips of the fibers on the area rug given its construction.

Carpet, unless made of wool, is made from nylon or plastic. The proper cleaning products for cleaning carpet are much different than for wool rugs. Think of it this way, you wouldn’t clean your hair with your dish soap.