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Understanding Tufted Rugs

Gun tufted, tufted rugs are different in construction and quality than woven rugs.

Each knot on a woven rug is hand tied. Construction of tufted rug is done with a tufting gun and each loop is run through a piece of cloth and then a backing cloth is glued on to the back of the rug.

About 5% of the market for these rugs are high end and made with top quality materials and sell for thousands of dollars.

The bulk of these rugs can be cheaply made but do make the wool rugs actually affordable. Corners can be cut with these rugs and sometimes marble dust is mixed with the latex that bind the rug together. This can lead to a breakdown on the glue to powder as well as the breakdown of the fibers. We can re-glue the backing onto the rug.

Tufted rugs are created using a stencil pattern on the back of rug for the creator to follow, sometimes these stencils are not color fast and will bleed through the front or the back.

The latex glue can also become rotten or sour and cause some serious odor issues that sometimes cannot be overcome.