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An oriental rug is a beautiful addition to your home. Its purpose is to be seen and admired. But you may find yourself in a situation where you need to store it away for a prolonged period of time. How do you protect your rug while it’s packed away?oriental-rug

Six Steps to Rug Storage

Step #1: Be sure to have your oriental rug professionally cleaned and treated with pest repellent to keep pesky moths and other insects away.

Step #2: Find a large, solid, cardboard tube sized longer than the width of the rug.

Step #3: Locate the bottom of the rug. You can find this by determining the direction of the nap. Run your hand over the rug, the direction the fibers lay down will point to the bottom of the rug.

Step #4: Beginning at the bottom of the rug, roll the rug gently around the cardboard tube with the top of the rug facing inward.

Step #5: Next, wrap the rolled up rug in Tyvek. Tyvek is a unique material that helps prevent the penetration of air and water but lets water vapor escape. This prevents mold getting on the rug. You can find Tyvek at your local hardware store. Another option is to roll the rug up in a sheet of brown paper and tape it up.  Do not use plastic “for long term storage” as it will  trap in moisture inviting mold and mildew to grow.

Step #6: Store your rug in a clean, even temperature space with low humidity.

Do you have a rug that needs to be stored? Call Denver Area Rug Cleaning to get it professionally cleaned and treated for safe storage.